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What You Can Expect from Columbus’ Top Stucco Company

Wondering what to expect when our stucco company in Columbus performs application, repair, and more? Since the process can be confusing to first-timers, Ohio State Stucco II offers all of the information you need right here. We break it down into 2 parts: restucco and full lath. Both have their own nuances that need to be explained and should be understood before work begins.

Our local business has performed countless installations and applications, putting your project in the best of hands. Education from our stucco contractor helps our customers understand what’s required for success.

Guidelines for Basic Restucco Projects

A traditional restucco application is a multiphase process consisting of surface preparation like power washing or repair and a basic skim coat application. The latter can either be a “skim coat” brown coat to “plumb” out the surface or an acrylic modified base coat like “FoamTek(TM).” This should be introduced to create a perfectly level substrate for the new color application and finish. The following steps outline how we do it:

Phase 1: Scaffold Installation. Based on project size, our licensed installers need 1-2 days to install the scaffold staging.

Phase 2: Preparation. We “mask” doors, windows, walkways, driveways, and fences. Any repairs should be done before power washing to prevent the water from breaching any “exposed” framing.

Phase 3: Power Washing. This is a messy business, so it’s good to speak to neighbors about it a few days early. You’ll then want to close windows, move cars, and rearrange anything within a 25’ radius.

Phase 4: Skim Coat Application. Based on the age and quality of the previous application, power washing can have a varied effect. Some homes come out with the base coat barely scratched, while some end up with a new, uneven substrate. This has to be fixed before the final color-coat by applying a fresh, fiber-reinforced brown skim coat or an acrylic modified base coat like Omega’s FoamTek. We recommend a full “skim” coat application over the entire property. This guarantees a plumb, uniform substrate, the most crucial component to stucco finish.

Phase 5: Curing Period. Curing takes 2 days for a FoamTek application and 7 days for a full brown coat application.

Phase 6: Finish and Cleanup. Based on project size, our crew spends at least half a day on cleanup.

Guidelines for New Construction/Full Lath Stucco Projects

To learn more about stucco repair or ask our team any questions, contact us today. We can offer more details on any of these steps:

Phase 1: Scaffold Installation. Depending on project size, our licensed installers need 1-2 days to install the scaffold staging.

Phase 2: Lath Installation. After a thorough walkthrough, our lath crew starts the installation. We use premium weep screed, followed by a two-ply “Grade D” waterproof barrier and the “first-in-class” StructaLath by Structa Wire.

Phase 3: Scratch Coat Application. Our basic scratch coat application of type S-plastic cement is worked to perfection. Our policy ensures no lath or paper is left exposed.

Phase 4: Curing Period. A standard scratch application usually takes 48 hours.

Phase 5: Brown Coat Application. When applying stucco at the brown level, we use plastic and cement in a 50:50 ratio. We then add 2” chopped glass fiber strands for reinforcement. Our brown coat is then “darbie” to perfection.

Phase 6: Curing Period. A standard brown application takes 7-10 days.

Phase 7: Color Coat Application. The most important part is the finish. We dust the existing brown coat with a mist of clean water. The required texture determines our approach to the finishing coat.

Phase 8: Finish and Cleanup. Our crew spends at least half a day cleaning up.