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The stucco work itself was impeccable, and they even patched some existing damaged areas on our house flawlessly.

-R. Graham




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Do you need stucco trim molding in Columbus Ohio? Foam stucco moldings easily the look of any structure and Ohio State Stucco are specialist installers of all suco stucco trim molding regardless of  location, size, style or quantity.

Ohio State Stucco Company
utilize the stellar custom services of Trimtech to supply and cut their architechtural form shapes ready for installation. Trimtech offers architectural design concepts such as molding, trums, crowns, arches, corbels, colums, bases and many ornaments that will enhance, beautify, and give a finished look to any stucco project.

Just like Ohio State Stucco Company, Trimtech's professional team combines creativity, reliability, and integrity, in order to provide you with the highest quality and service available to the stucco industry. We believe that Trimtech are the only suppliers who are truly able to support our strenuous demand for perfection. After all, stucco moldings can easily look "cheap" if not cut, installed or coated correctly.

The differently shaped moldings and ornaments are made partly of form and partly of cement. This lightweight product is being installed by professional contractors, decorators, architects and developers, as well as consumers who are rising to the challenge to do the installation themselves.

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1. They honestly treat your home like its their own
2. The entire crew is helpful and respectful at all times
3. Definately the Market Leader in Stucco Application
4. A Truely Drama-free service
5. Their attention to detail is truely commendable
6. A wonderful service and experience from start to finish
7. If quality is priority, Ohio State Stucco is the only
8. The cleanest contractor we have ever worked with
9. It is clear that Ohio State Stucco is truely committed
    to excellence

If you have a different design in mind for a sill, band or crown for example, we'll help you design the molding to your specifications.


Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Trim Molding Columbus Ohio
Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Trim Molding Columbus Ohio
Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Trim Molding Columbus Ohio
Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Trim Molding Columbus Ohio