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Stuccowork Stucco Texture in Hilliard OH

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Ohio State Stucco Company is known throughout the industry for their unparalleled ability to produce a beautifully crafted and flawless steel trowel stucco finish.  Of the wide range of stucco texture, smooth stucco is without a doubt considered the "king of the jungle" in this respect.

However, as in life, beauty comes with a price. Smooth stucco is first and foremost prone to hairline cracking amongst other negative attributes such as efflorescence, a crystalline deposit, the result of water dissolving the salts that are naturally present within cement-based products. This salt solution then migrates to the surface and a salt deposit remains as the water evaporates.

A textured stucco finish is generally considered as more 'durable' in comparison. The final color coat or 'stucco texture' is applied with a greater density, and with this added weight comes strength.


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Your home is a reflection of your personality. While every home in your community may roughly look the same, the materials, colors, and textures that you choose allow you to stand out and make a statement. If you are considering stucco for your home, but you are afraid that your home might look too similar to all of the others around you, never fear. Our stucco contractor in Hilliard, OH, is able to offer you a number of great texture choices, such as:

  • Fine Sand Float
  • Medium Sand Float
  • Heavy Sand Float
  • Scraped
  • Light Dash
  • Medium Dash
  • Knockdown Dash
  • Monterey
  • Heavy Dash
  • Tunnel Dash
  • Light Lace
  • Heavy Lace
  • Rock N’ Roll
  • Glacier
  • Spanish
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Travertine
  • Combed
  • Deep Relief
  • Briar
  • Brick
  • Marblecrete
  • Simulated Timber

Depend on Our Professionals to Make the Choice Easy

With dozens of different textures to choose from, and many colors to decide on after you pick a texture, it may seem like a challenge to decide on the perfect choice for your home. That is why you should turn to our professional contractors for help. We have the experience and skills to guide you to the best choice. Let us help you express your personality, improve your home’s curb appeal, and add value to your house at the same time.

Stucco is as much art as it is craftsmanship, so you need a company that encompasses both. We have always dedicated ourselves to quality first, and encompass both of the skillsets needed to produce the perfect stucco installation. Hire our stucco contractor today.

Stucco textures is created in a number of specialist ways. In most instances, the first layer of 'hand' is a float finish applied with a stucco float. The second 'hand' is applied with various degrees of pressure and/or motion to create the desired effect. View the stucco textures below for more complete details of our full range of available stucco texture.

Whatever stucco texture you decide upon, you can rest assured that the craftsman of Ohio State Stucco Company will create a faultless representation of your desired effect. Unparalleled skill in the application of stucco texture is the true test of a world-class operation, and Ohio State Stucco Company leads where others follow.

Contact us to pick out the perfect stucco design for your home. We serve customers in Hilliard, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, and Newark, Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.

Stucco Texture | Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Contractor Hilliard OH

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Stucco Texture | Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Contractor Hilliard OH

Stucco Texture | Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Contractor Dublin OH

Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Maintenance Dublin OH

Stucco Texture | Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Maintenance Hilliard OH
Stucco Texture | Ohio State Stucco | Stucco Contractor Dublin OH