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Trust Us for Restucco in Columbus, OH

Stucco makes a handsome finish on a house or business building. The textured material gives any building an appealing and inviting finish. However, over the years, the stucco on a structure can suffer from damage or discoloration. When this happens, look to the Ohio State Stucco II for restucco in Columbus, OH.

In business since 1986, our company prides itself on first-class stucco application. Working with this finish for many years, we understand it requires knowledge, skill, and perseverance to do the job right. Our crew is experienced at applying that initial layer, as well as  for restucco application. Count on us for exceptional service with lasting results.

Power washing is what is needed to remove the existing topcoat, which has been compromised by time and weather. This process also opens up the substrate, allowing us to see problems that have been hiding underneath the finish and take proper care of them.

The Right Way to Restucco

When the stucco on your house is tired and faded, ask our company for stucco repair. You may be told repair can be made by putting more stucco on top. We have found this doesn’t work. What our stucco company recommends is power washing the surface and then applying a new coat of stucco.

1. They honestly treat your home like it is their own. 
2. The entire crew is helpful and respectful at all times. 
3. Definately the market leader in stucco application. 
4. A truely drama-free service. 
5. Their attention to detail is truely commendable. 
6. A wonderful service and experience from start to finish. 
7. If quality is priority, Ohio State Stucco II is the only answer .
8. The cleanest contractor we have ever worked with. 
9. It is clear that Ohio State Stucco is truely committed to excellence.

When dealing with existing wood siding, this needs to be removed and the exposed surface given a full wire lath stucco application before power washing. What you want is to have a uniform substrate for the stucco. Once we’ve applied the stucco, we apply a fiberglass mesh wrap to protect the finish.

We know you love that stucco finish on your house or business building. Let us do the power washing and other treatment required to ensure the soundness of the substrate before adding a new coat of color. The advantage of hiring our company is that we know what will give you a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

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