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EIFS System in Columbus, Ohio

Stucco Repair, EFIS, & Waterproofing Company in Columbus, Ohio

Have questions about our EIFS System in Columbus, Ohio? Often referred to as 'synthetic stucco,' EIFS or Exterior Insulation Finish System is a siding product that provides commercial and residential exterior walls with an insulated, finished, and water-resistant surface. Although called synthetic stucco, EIFS is far from Portland Cement stucco.

EIFS is a lightweight product that incorporates plastic insulation and synthetic coatings. There are a number of different versions of EIFS, but the most common or traditional EIFS is "Barrier EIFS."

EIFS system at Ohio State Stucco II is often used in a commercial capacity (offices, shopping centers, hotels, and so on) but is increasingly recommended by architects for residential properties. Although EIFS is primarily used for new construction, it can also be used on existing walls, which is known as "retrofitting."

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Installation of standard barrier EIFS is carried out by utilizing a cementitious or acrylic-based bonding agent and 3 "layers." A layer of expanded polystyrene or (EPS) followed by a reinforcement layer of fiberglass mesh embedded in an acrylic modified base coat and finished with a troweled or sprayed on top-coat. If a "drainage" system is required, however, a water-resistant barrier is first installed over the substrate, which is succeeded by a woven fiberglass lath.

EIFS has witnessed a fair share of controversy over the years due to water leakage in EIFS installed home. While EIFS is no more susceptible to water penetration than any other exterior wall cladding, critics would argue that non-water managed EIFS systems, such as barrier EIFS do not allow water that may have entered the building envelope to escape.

The most notable downside that we have found with EIFS is simply its "soft finish which is highly prone to damage and possible vandalism. Overall it is a proven system that, when installed 100% correctly, will give no more problem than that of any other exterior wall finish.

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