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Stucco Exterior, Stucco Repair & Stucco Trim Molding | Stone Veneers | EIFS | Stucco Brick Facing. Serving: Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Newark, Lima, Chillicothe, St. Clairsville, Mansfield, Ohio (OH).


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Since being completed, many other contractors have been over to bid an additional projects, and ALL have made comments about the quality of stucco being first-rate! We have also received a good deal of compliment from the neighbors and people just walking by.

- Michael W.

Stucco Repair | Stone Veneers | Waterproofing | EIFS | Brickface. Serving: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Rockland, Westchester, New York (NY) and New Jesey (NJ).

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Commercial Stucco Contractor in Arlington OH

Commercial stucco application is handled in a far different way to that of residential application. To cater to the wide variation in service and approach, Ohio State Stucco operates and manages a separate specialist division dedicated to commercial stucco application alone.


At Ohio State Stucco, we fully recognize that the difference between commercial stucco and residential stucco is not only based on size and scope alone. There are fundamental differences that make operating in the commercial area a completely "different animal". Not only must a company be able to fund such projects, often faced with strict commercial billing terms; but also have the right internal framework AND external contacts to handle a project of magnitude. Commercial stucco installation "separates the men form the boys". as they say. And this is certainly a very accurate statement.


1. They honestly treat your home like its their own
2. The entire crew is helpful and respectful at all times
3. Definately the Market Leader in Stucco Application
4. A Truely Drama-free service
5. Their attention to detail is truely commendable
6. A wonderful service and experience from start to finish
7. If quality is priority, Ohio State Stucco is the only
8. The cleanest contractor we have ever worked with
9. It is clear that Ohio State Stucco is truely committed
    to excellence


Our commercial stucco contractor in Arlington OH is run autonomously from our residential arm. Structural plans and elevations are printed and made available to our estimation desk within 24-hours of receipt. Our team of commercial stucco estimators is fully proficient in performing estimates directly from architectural plans with complete accuracy always in mind.

Able to complete commercial stucco installations in Arlington OH ranging from $10,000 to $10,000,000; and able to cover in excess of 5,000 square feet per day, Ohio State Stucco Commercial has the capital and resources to handle commercial stucco projects of any size or description. Whether traditional 3-coat Portland cement stucco, or the commercial stucco "darling", EIFS  - Ohio State Stucco can cater to the demands of any small, medium, or large-scale corporate client.