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About Smooth Stucco

Smooth stucco is not a finish; it's an art form. It can add thousands of dollars to the value of any home and when correctly applied can give years of hassle free service. Not to mention it looks absolutely FANTASTIC

If you are interested in smooth stucco, chances are you're well aware of the "cons" to any steel trowel stucco application. Yes, smooth stucco is prone to hairline cracking. in actual fact it is a temperamental beast which is virtually impossible to "patch", and if applied with anything less than textbook accuracy will almost certainly create performance "headaches," either immediately or shortly after initial application. In short, you cannot cut corners with smooth stucco.

More often than not, Smooth Stucco Finishes produce the most cracking issues at Stucco "terminations" such as window and door corners, vents, electrical outlets, and/or plumbing fixtures. To counteract such occurrences there are minor but highly effective remedies that may not completely eliminate stucco cracks (as this is without doubt quite impossible), but will certainly help in promoting substantial reduction.

Ohio State Stucco II is known through the industry as a specialist in smooth stucco application. Approximately 90% of our projects involve a steel trowel finish. Through this continued exposure we have fast become accustomed to every "nuance" that this delicate finish presents. Form ensuring that foliage is trimmed back around a new application ( as the bark on even the smallest tree will stain your new stucco finish), to the more complex but simple procedure of applying diamond mesh lath to the corners of the stucco terminations; introduced to reinforce said corners (as stated prior, these areas are most prone to stucco cracks).

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Our experience in the art of smooth stucco application has earned us a stellar reputation throughout New Jersey/New York. The compliments are unanimous. If you are in the market for smooth stucco, Metropolitan Stucco Company are the professionals to hire.

How are Northeast Stucco Different from Other So Called "Specialists" ?

First and foremost, the quality of any application is the direct result of the quality of the hand holding the trowel. Like any professional at the top of his or her game, such skill has been "earned via time served". Lower priced or budget operations whom promise the world with a low-ball bid rarely, if EVER, have a crew of VETERAN smooth stucco applicators. Low-ball bids can only be satisfied by lower priced labor. And you do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that true skill and experience always come with a price. Would you expect to see A-Rod playing in a Junior League?

We think not...

In addition to the obvious benefit of a skilled hand, management plays another KEY factor in an unrivalled smooth stucco finish. Even a skilled worker is human after all, and without "checks and balances" one cannot GUARANTTEE any kind of service or finish. ANY championship sports team ALWAYS relives on direction. It's no different with smooth stucco application albeit a little less glamorous!

Lastly, but certainly not least; premium quality materials and general "tricks of the trade" put the proverbial "icing on the cake". As stucco is only as strong as its substrate, EVERY stage of a traditional 3-coat smooth stucco application must be treated with the uppermost level of respect and attention. The quality of every application procedure immediately precipitates the next. Just like a strong foundation is needed for a quality home build.

At the forefront of smooth stucco technology is the fiberglass mesh wrap. Not dissimilar to the fiber mesh one will find embedded in the virtually indestructible and very common "glass tape", fiber mesh is installed under a smooth stucco finish in much the same fashion. Sheets of fiberglass mesh are embedded in an acrylic modified base coat which is applied over a standard brown coat application. The fiber mesh/acrylic modified base coat provided a formidable defense against cracking in stucco. There is no product or procedure in today's stucco technology that even comes close.

So there you have it. Smooth stucco is intricate, complicated, demanding, and beautiful all in one. But with the right knowledge, skill, care, and attention will adorn and compliment the walls of your home for many pleasurable years to come.

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